20 Galaxies The Animated Series

I suspect most people that visit this site got to see the preview, but for those who didn’t, here’s a part of what I’ve been up to the past few months —

After I quit my last animation, I made a promise to myself. Until I was dedicated enough to make a full opening to a potential animated series, I couldn’t start the series itself. Well — this one is coming along very nicely and I’m pretty sure I’ll have it done by March, if not before then =)

In the meantime, Chapter 14 is slowly coming along. Very slowly.


Chapter 11

While the project is in progress, I thought I’d put up the next chapter of Legend in the Sky. If you’ve read up to this point in the old comic you might be surprised — things take a slightly different turn here.

Chapter 11

The project is progressing slowly, but it’s working out well. I had hoped to have it done by January 1 but it looks like it’ll take longer.