Sorry about the unexpected break. I’m back. It’ll be a little shaky for the next month or so but once that’s over, expect regular weekly updates again. I’ll have more details as I get them.

Under Construction

As you can see, there’s some changes going on with the site. This is to match up with the changes I’m making as far as the story is being produced. The primary medium is going to be comics again, though I do still plan on finishing the animated Episode 1 Part 2. Right now I’m in the process of formatting the 2009 version of the comic for print. I’m changing the dialogue to match what was supposed to go in the animated version and converting to more traditional speech bubbles, since the way the lettering was handled was the #1 complaint with the first print version. There is also a previously deleted scene now included in the archives here so even if you’ve read the comic before, you might want to take a look. The Story section has been taken down for now.

I’m mostly still fighting with the layout here so hold tight everyone!