Prudence “Ru” Hadley
A seventh-grader at Quarterhill Junior High. Ru is always willing to learn something new, but her curiosity can get her into trouble. She has an uncanny ability to read the weather weeks in advance just by looking at the sky. While she loves the legends of Quarterhill, she is unhappy that she has never seen any sign of them herself, despite living in the town her whole life.


Jayson Hadley
Jayson is Ru’s ten-year-old brother, a very intelligent and popular student of Quarterhill Junior High. Jayson is one of the very few residents born in Quarterhill that doesn’t want to have anything to do with the legends, and wants to leave town as soon as possible. He is not afraid to speak his mind and often does so in harsh ways, especially over local mythology.

Colleen Amundsen
Colleen was given to the upscale girls’ home Breckenridge after her parents disappeared, leaving her only with a dolphin pendant that she is never seen without. She is extremely quiet, shy, and does not get along with the other girls of the house. Many of them avoid her because of her vivid nightmares, which have a tendency to come true.

Randy Fresnel
Despite being one of the smallest students in his grade, Randy has a reputation for fighting — and winning. He is energetic and brash, and much to his parents’ dismay, has set his sights on competing in a number of extreme sports when he grows up. He is rarely seen without a set of wheels. Jayson has become something like Randy’s conscience over the years.

A young woman who first appeared as a gray, snake-like alien creature with an ear-splitting voice. She was accompanied by another like her, a guardian, who was destroyed by the Blue Star. She can transport herself from place to place and change her form by using a strange “negative” light. She seems to be searching for something.

Misty Elesti
A new student at Quarterhill Junior High and the latest arrival at Breckenridge. Misty is outgoing and strong, with a bit of a short temper and low tolerance for pretense. She has little respect for authority and is restless in her new home, but is even less willing to return to her parents.

Shawn “Shryke” Lanius
By day, Shawn is a arcade game programmer. By night, he is a frontman for a local band that is rapidly gaining popularity. He is charismatic, but has something of a bad reputation. Not much is known about his past.

A man seen in glimpses around Quarterhill.

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