Episode 1 auditions are open!

20 Galaxies is an original animated series about four children called to be superheroes. The first season is to run seven episodes and is rated PG. Right now casting is being held for the first episode only.

What to do

Edit 3-5-13) Just a heads up, all – my internet access might be very limited the next couple of weeks, so I may not respond to emails very quickly. If you haven’t heard back from me at all by the 19th, I probably didn’t get your email.
Send either your VA resume or a reading of the lines below to whirlwyndstorm@yahoo.com, with the subject “20 Galaxies Audition”. Specify if you’d like to audition for certain characters only, or if you’d like to be considered for any role. Lines should be sent in wav or mp3 format; lines seperate or on one file is OK. Submission deadline is March 31, 2013.

Interested in the story? There is a comic version online that currently updates weekly. See it here – http://20g.smackjeeves.com/

Open Roles
-Major Characters-

Ru Hadley
Character: A life-long resident of a tourist town known for strange phenomena. Curious, indecisive, has a bit of a short temper at times.
Vocal Notes: Female, age 12, medium child’s voice.
“You won’t believe how crowded it gets here around Halloween. You’d think one of tourists would get a picture or something.”
(Annoyed) “Don’t call me Ruster!”
(Scared) “Jayson, let the windsock people turn into whatever they want!”

Jayson Hadley
Character: Ru’s younger brother. Friendly but cynical, especially about the town’s legends.
Vocal Notes: Male, age 10, low child’s voice.
(Amused) “Geez, OK. Sorry, Prudence.”
“How would you know? You were like two when you last saw him.”
“Yeah, you’re not real. Giant living windsocks — I won’t even tell you what’s wrong with that — can’t turn into people.”

Randy Fresnel
(Note: Randy has only a few lines in Episode 1, but is far more involved later.)
Character: Jayson’s best friend. Loud, reckless, an optimist, and something of a bully.
Vocal Notes: Male, age 11, medium child’s voice
(amused)”Rooster it is then!”
(angry) “You only have so many high scores ’cause you cheat!”
(stunned) “Who — who was that?”

Sylph / Misty
Character: Sylph is an alien sent to hunt the heroes. Misty is her Earth disguise. She can be friendly but has little patience for people who she perceives as less intelligent.
Vocal Notes: Female, 25, medium adult voice for Sylph. Misty is 12 and has a higher voice.
“Why are they afraid of us?”
(angry and a bit scared) “What are you doing here?”
(angry) “Excuse me? For what? You kicked me in the head, you apologize!”
“Ooh, pretty! Could you draw me something, maybe?”

-Minor Characters-
These are characters who either have many lines in one episode, or have only a few lines but appear in more than one episode.

Angela Hadley
Character: Ru and Jayson’s mother, a reporter for the local media. Generally absent, but attentive when home.
Vocal Notes: Female, 35, medium-low adult voice.
(angry) “This kind of weather is dangerous. How many times do I have to tell you that?”
(cheerful) “Have a good night, sweetie!”

Ms Graham
Character: One of Ru’s teachers. Gentle and cheerful.
Vocal Notes: Female, 28, medium adult voice.
“The Blue Star roams the forest of Tanager Park at night. Those who cross its path disappear.”
“Form groups of three for our worksheet, please.”

Character: A new student at Quarterhill Junior High, inquisitive and enthusiastic, very friendly.
Vocal Notes: Female, 12, medium-high child’s voice.
(startled) “Oh! No one’s using their books!”
“It’s kinda strange so many people would actually believe these stories.”

Character: A friend of Ru’s. Caring but kind of a coward, easily startled.
Vocal Notes: Male, 12, medium-low child’s voice
“Hey Ru, where’s Colleen?”
“Everyone thinks it’s funny when the new kid finds out the legends are true.”

Character: Lives near the main entrance of Tanager Park and is constantly and loudly protesting the activities of Quarterhill’s tourism bureau. Rarely anything but angry.
Vocal Notes: Male, 65, medium adult voice
(enraged and screaming) “HEY! GET OFF OF MY LAWN!”
(calm) “I would bury them and not look back, if I were you.”

Character: The alpha female at Breckenridge Girls’ Home. She is controlling and often cruel.
Vocal Notes: Female, 14, high child’s voice
“So what’d you learn in school today? Numbers, or letters?”
“Look, you don’t want to hang out with her.”

Character: Sent to Earth as Sylph’s guard. Very serious and focused.
Vocal Notes: Male, 40, low adult voice
“Sylph, this could be a trap.”
“I don’t care if they’re cute. They’ve seen too much.”

The Caeri
Character: The mysterious Blue Star of the Quarterhill legends. Even in the heat of battle she seems calm and collected.
Vocal Notes: Female, 25, medium adult voice
“Please do not fear me. Though many have vanished before me, I will bring you know harm.”

A variety of extras are also needed, so if you want to be part of the project but don’t have the time to record a lot of lines, just send a voice sample. Have fun, everyone! Looking forward to hearing what you’ve got! =)

I will have the cast list by the first week of April, and I will email all auditioners.


New Layout + Music

Decided on a whim to do a little site work today. As you can see, I picked a new layout. I also added a section for the soundtrack! Unfortunately WordPress has something against offsite widgets so the links lead to Soundcloud.

I’ll be working on the next chapter of the prose this week. Progress on Episode 1 of the animation is going well. We’re about 20 seconds in so far, not including the opening.